We will make sure that our Miniature Bullterriers are healthy.
We can make some health test to insure that we only make healthy litters and that we only want what is best for the breed.

1) – (PLL) . Primary Lens Luxation.
PLL is a late onset disease which typically affects dogs between the ages of 3 and 7. Younger and older cases are known,During September 2009 a definitive DNA test was released by the Animal Health Trust . This test gives three results: Clear, Carrier, or Affected.

We will only use Clear & Carrier in our breeding, to make sure that the puppies not gonna be Affected.

Clear + Carrier = both Clear and Carrier Puppies.
Clear + Clear = Only Clear Puppies.
Number 2 choice is also named “Clear by parents” witch indicate that there will be no carrier in that litter.

2) – UPC.
Upc test by urine to make sure that the dog is free of the disease, that can lead to kidney failure.

3) – PKD.
To make sure there is no cysts on the kidney

4) – Patella.

Is testet to see if the dog has the right kneecaps.

5) – Heart Scan.
Is testing to see if there is any heart defects.

6) – Baer (BAER).
Testing is done on puppies prior to sale to discover which puppies have hearing problems.
But we will also make this test on our dogs to make sure that they have no hearing

7) – Mental Description.
We will also get a Mental Description to insure puppie buyers, that the parents have the right mental condition and that our dogs are well balanced mentally.

8) – LAD Test.

It’s now possible to test for LAD “Lethal Acrodermatitis”.
And of course all our dogs will be testet before breeding, to insure that we will not make affected puppies of this disease.

9) – LP (Laryngeal Paralysis).
It’s now possible to test for Laryngeal Paralysis (LP).
It is an inherited disease affecting Bull Terriers and characterised by difficulties in breathing, especially during physical activtiy and may cause death by suffocation in severe cases.
We will test to insure that we will not make affected puppies.

10) – The Food.
Last but not least,the food.
The food you give to your dog has a significant effect on the dog’s health.
I have tried almost everything.
Some use raw food, i have tried that but it was not the right choice for me.
I keep forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer.
So i use dry food, in my case i use Essentials.

I am very satisfied with the result that i am seeing on my dog.

I can highly recommend to use this brand for your Bullterrier.
You can use the Puppie Chicken from 2-12months and then shift to Adult from 12 months and forward.

Besides the food, we also give the dogs some bones, it could be a cattle bones, from the butcher, they are not expensive and lasts a long time, and it is good for the dogs teeth.
We also use Horn from deer,cows & buffalo’s.
Its a good way to keep the teeth clean and healthy.