Health Test

On this page you can see Wantedbulls Fade to Black aka Juno’s health test.
We will make updates when she gets her health test done.
It will also be here you can find litter advertising.

PLL Status : Carrier.
d.o.b : 28 July 2014.
Height: 32.5cm.
Weight: 11kg.
Fully health testet.
Baer +/+, Heart ok.
Kidney/UPC ok.
UPC 0.2.
Patella 0/0.
female_ad_webJuno Baer test

Juno has completed the Danish Kennel Club’s Mentaldescription.
Mental Beskrivelse

Pregnancy Confirmed by Ultrasound.
Puppies are expected in October 2017, from this wonderful combination.